Pain after Cesarean Birth and Pain with Intercourse

I was about three months postpartum with my son when I began receiving care from Tina. I was having significant discomfort in my incision area from my cesarean, sharp pains during intercourse, as well as problems with inconsistency with my bladder (peeing when I sneezed).

As a Physical Therapist, Tina is highly-skilled, incredibly kind, and an excellent listener. She is very adept at diagnosing the cause of my pain and used a series of hands on therapies and stretches to effectively treat my pelvic pain. Pelvic pain, and the symptoms associated with it, are not easy for anyone to deal with. Tina's positive, solution-oriented approach is very reassuring. She helps patients explore the physical, environmental, and emotional causes and triggers of pelvic pain.

Throughout the sessions, she also offers a series of thorough explanations, visualizations, and diagrams that allow me to understand how parts of my anatomy and musculature are inter-connected and related to the pain. The physical therapy homework she assigns is very helpful and allows my symptoms to keep improving between sessions. She is always mindful to ensure the home exercises are helping with my progress. Tina is responsive to email and always follows up on my questions.

If you experience any pelvic discomfort or any of the common symptoms following the birth of a baby, I highly recommend Tina to help you heal and care for your body.

Stacey, 27 years old

Samantha, 50 years old

Female Pelvic Pain - Had Already Tried Physical Therapy

“By the time I saw Tina I had been through 2 surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy, nerve blocks up and down my spine, sometimes 2 acupuncture sessions, spinal cord stimulation trial, Mayo Clinics in Phoenix, Jacksonville and Rochester. It was in Rochester that I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction.

By this time, most clothing irritated my left side. I wore underwear that had no seams or elastic. I lived in very loose sweats and then only for a short time. I only slept with a sheet on, a blanket hurt too much. Sitting was impossible. Intercourse was impossible.

It was very hard in the beginning.  Twice a week Tina did internal/external therapy, breathing exercises, and pelvic floor relaxation exercises among other things. She taught me throughout, new exercises to do at home. My pain levels were always a 10. If I was lucky maybe an 8 or 9, never less.

I was scared to hope for better days but Tina gave me a reason to hope.

After a lot of hard work and persistence, I was able to do more at home and the number of visits to PT started decreasing.  I began to have less pain. I began to leave my clothes on a little longer. When I went for walks I was not dragging my left foot. I now walk 2 miles each day. I can sit for a short time. The first time I wore real pants, jeans not sweats I danced around my kitchen. Other things like putting on a blanket instead of freezing was a treat. 

My pelvic floor is 80% better. I was even able to tolerate a plane ride to Maine to visit my mother, which I hadn’t done for 10 years due to pain.  I continue to do my exercises along with a little yoga. I do my own internal therapy.

I wish that every person that lives in pain finds their Angel.  Tina has and always will have a special place in my heart. She gave me back my life.

Elizabeth, 62 years old

Urinary Leaking with Coughing/Exercising/Laughing

“After my initial visit , you made me feel totally comfortable with your knowledge and professionalism.  Everything we talked about including pelvic exercises, and also the physical exercises you demonstrated to me to work on at home have been very helpful.  After only four appointments with you, I can definitely tell a difference and feel so encouraged that my problems can continue to improve with your therapy and advice.  Thank you for being so understanding and helping me work through my difficulties.”

Steve, 48 years old

Male Pelvic/Sexual Pain

“Tina, just a little note of thanks for helping me with my problem. I am very grateful that my general doctor was well read enough to suggest your services to remedy my very rare issue down below. What really amazes me is that TWO urologists with years of training had no clue of this problem occurring in the male anatomy. It took the knowledge of a general practitioner and a very wonderful physical therapist to remedy what was a very painful and frustrating issue.

What made my experience with the therapy even more comfortable was your delicate method of explaining and talking about my problem. Your gentle touch and professional demeanor made my experience with physical therapy so much better. Not every woman could do what you did for me, as a member of the opposite sex, and not make it painful or embarrassing.

I am still doing the exercises you taught me daily and have worked them into my daily stretching regimen. 

Thank you again for finding the answer to what could have been a lifelong problem. The pain is gone in that area and life is good."

Intuitive & Creative Approach

“When Tina was a student, I was very impressed with her creativity especially when treating children. She then began to work at the same facility and I continued to be impressed with her intuitiveness when treating patients. She is very motivated to learn new techniques and has taken challenging continuing education classes to further her skills, particularly in treatment of the pelvic floor. She also shows a personal interest in each patient which creates a special bond and helps to foster healing."

Sandy, Physical Therapist, Mentor, Colleague

Postpartum Care

“I started visiting Tina Chaney about 2 months postpartum with my first pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable, listened to my concerns and worked to help educate me on my body and how to correct my issues.  Her services were life changing for me and helped to eliminate issues I had even before pregnancy. I recommend Tina for any pelvic floor issues you may have pregnant or not. She is great to work with and always made me feel comfortable.”

Tiffany, 29 years old